Some of you may have some questions about Blackpool Frontrunners – here I try to answer them before you even need to ask!

  1. What is ‘Frontrunners’?
    Frontrunners is a world-wide movement of LGBTQ+ inclusive running groups. The aim is to increase fitness and wellness amongst the LGBTQ+ community and their friends through running.
  2. I’m not gay – can I come along?
    Absolutely. There are many Frontrunner members around the world who identify as heterosexual. Indeed, I have met many male-female married couples running together at Frontrunner groups.
  3. I’m really slow/ I’m overweight/ I just started running – can I come along?
    Absolutely. You can come and run at your own pace. If the group is small they will loop-back periodically to make sure nobody is left behind. And remember… running at any pace is quicker than sitting on the sofa!!!
  4. What gear do I need?
    £150 running shoes are nice, but really not necessary. Basic trainers and breathable clothes you feel comfortable in will do the trick. You can get a full running kit for under £30 if you look around.
  5. Where do you run ? What distance?
    We run in and around Stanley Park. We are looking at around 5k runs whilst the group is small, as the group grows we will look at optional longer routes.
  6. I am really nervous about just turning up.
    Doing something new can be terrifying. If you are really nervous, you don’t need to arrive alone. We can arrange for a member to meet you a shortly before the run and you can come along together – this gives you a friendly face prior to joining the group.
  7. Do I have to become a member?
    No and yes. You can come along for up-to three runs prior to joining, however, you will not be an official member of the group. If you decide you would like to run regularly with us – then yes, you must become a member.
  8. Is it free?
    For the 2021/22 season no membership fees will be charged. They will be introduced in the 2022/23. Fee’s will be kept modest and we will always aim not to make a profit – just cover costs.
  9. Are you an official club?
    We are affiliated to the Association of Running Clubs. This is a body which provides appropriate insurance and guidance. We also have a club constitution. So, yes – in legal terms we are an ‘official club’.
  10. Where can I find more details about the group?
    This website is a great place to start. Why not have a look at the documents or about section.

Any other questions? Feel free to email us at

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