Blackpool Frontrunners April Newsletter

Blackpool Frontrunners is now over a month old, and despite the challenges which have been placed in front of us, the club is growing quicker than I could have hoped. I would like to thank all who have come along to run with us and those who have helped in setting the group up.

Don’t forget – We meet every Sunday at the Cocker Clock Tower in Stanley Park for a 10am run. We would love to see you there!


Club membership is free for the 2021/22 season. If you are going to run with us regularly please register as a member – this can be done on the website.

Joining has a few key benefits:
1. You will be insured whilst running with us
2. You will be eligible for potential discounts on ARC affiliated races
3. You will be a member – you can have your say come our AGM
4. Having members is important when it comes to sourcing club funding

As the group grows, I think it is right to look towards becoming a bit more social. Although we are not currently permitted to go for a post-run coffee or brunch we are able to pick up a coffee or ice cream for a chat outdoors. If this is something you would like to do – please let me know either by email/ on our Facebook Group

Although Blackpool Pride has been made virtual this summer, there is an opportunity to have a full-on social when restrictions are eased. We will announce plans when the situation allows.

Club Future
We are currently looking at routes to formalise the group and also obtain possible funding. This is a long process, but as things progress we will inform you of our plans. If there is anyone who would like to be more involved by supporting areas such as Social Media, Marketing or leading runs – please get in touch (

I know that everyone is sick of hearing about Covfid-19, but it is still a real issue and one which we all need to be mindful of. To keep everyone safe, we are currently doing the following:

  • Maintaining 1 meter + distancing during our runs
  • Encouraging members to wash/ sanitise their hands regularly
  • Running in smaller groups – if lots of people wish to join us, we will split into sub-groups
  • Members with symptoms must not join our running groups
  • We also encourage all runners to partake in the NHS free LTF testing scheme

Free Level 2 LGBT Inclusion in the Workplace training
Learning Curve Group is able to offer fully funded (ie. Free to you) training on a few topics to certain groups of people. One such course is a Level 2 in LGBT Inclusion in the Workplace. With sexuality being a protected characteristic in law, this course is not only interesting but very relevant too. For further details, and to see if you are eligible visit

Keep up-to-date
Don’ forget to keep up-to-date with the group by following us online. You can find us online in the following places:

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