We run every Saturday at 10am in Stanley Park!

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the phenomenal weather we have had over the last couple of weeks.

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the phenomenal weather we have had over the last couple of weeks.

Increasing club exposureWith Covid restrictions being substantially eased, we will be putting effort into increasing the clubs exposure. This will start with leafleting local LGBT venues. If you have any suggestions about where to target, or would like to support – please email me at chris@blackpoolfrontrunners.com

Club kit and 2022 (already)

The club financial year starts in April, which means membership will renew in advance on April every year. As this is the first year of operating membership is free for all, however, this can’t continue indefinitely. To help us judge how much we should charge ant to have your say, click the ‘read more’ button.

Return of Parkrun

Parkrun is back – every Saturday at 9am. Parkrun is a phenomenal event and is open to everyone, regardless of ability. I encourage everyone to give it a go – and don’t forget to claim Blackpool Frontrunners as your club!

Full details of Parkrun can be found at https://www.parkrun.org.uk/ 

Rob Runs 12.5km

Our very own Rob ran the 12.5km that is the Stronger Together 125! Congratulations on a great time – and it was great to see the club shirt at a race!

International Frontrunners

Blackpool Frontrunners has been fully accepted as a member of International Frontrunners. As much as I understand that people may not see this as a major achievement – it is! We are now officially an IFR accredited club and have the support that comes with that. We are also accredited with the Association of Running Clubs – another great body who provide appropriate insurance and advice to the club.

Please take some time to have a look at the International Frontrunners website (http://frontrunners.org/EN/index.php) for full details of what they do.

Never ran before/ not run in a while?

If you have never ran before or not run in a while – this is no excuse not to join us! If you want to start running with us we are more than happy to support you – simply drop us an email/ Facebook message/ Instagram DM and we will happily welcome you along.

We are also looking at the possibility of starting a couch-to-5k group. Again, if you would like to take part – just get in touch.

Covid (again)

Although Covid restrictions have now been minimised, it is important that anyone attending group activities maintain appropriate levels of hygiene and conduct regular self-tests – these can be sourced free of charge from many chemists.

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