Blackpool Frotrunners/ BFR/ ‘The Club’ was founded in 2021 with the objective of encouraging the LGBTQIA+ community (and their allies) in Blackpool to increase both positive social interactions and fitness through running, walking and social get togethers.

Running the Club

The club will be ran by a minimum of two nominated persons. Any person who would like to support the running of the club is welcome to do so – they should contact 

The club hold a bank account into which membership fees and grants may be paid into. The funds in the bank account may only be used for reasonable club purposes. A full statembent of accounts is to be distributed to members yearly.

The club shall be inclusive and all are welcome to join as long as they meet the requierments of our insurance provider.


The club will maintain affiliation with the following bodies:

  • The Association of Running Clubs (for purposes of guidance and insurance)
  • International Frontrunners (for the uurposes of group naming rights and guidance)


All members must conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positivly on themselves and does not bring the club into disrepute. Any member who does not act appropriately may be formally warned or their membership cancelled without refund.

Winding up

In the event the club is wound up – all funds in the club bank account will be split between two charities (one local and one national) voted upon by members. Any club belonging shal be donated to locat good causes


Due to the size of the club we do not have a safeguarding officer nor a safeguarding policy. As a result, all members must be 18 years old or older. Any persons with specific additional needs are permitted to join as long as they are accompanied by a reponsibe adult.