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Club Constitution

  1. Title
  • The club shall be known as Blackpool Frontrunners
  • The club shall be non-profit. Income generated will be utilised to maintain or improve the club. Surplus income will be distributed to registered local charities.
  1. Objects
  • To promote health and wellbeing of the LGBTQ+ community through running, walking and other organised activities
  • To combat discrimination, homophobia and transphobia in sport
  1. Affiliation
  • The club will seek affiliation with International Frontrunners
  • The club shall seek affiliation from the Association of Running Clubs (ARC)
  1. Membership
  • Membership will be open to anyone aged 18 or over with an interest in running and who support the objectives of the club
  • Application for membership shall be made in writing or via the club website
  • To become a member, a membership fee may be payable
  • Members must be amateurs
  • Misconduct of a member, or failure to conduct oneself in a manner contrary to the clubs constitution may receive a written warning or have their membership revoked. Anyone whose membership has been revoked may appeal in writing
  1. Management
  • When the club receives a membership in excess of 40 persons a committee shall be formed to manage the club
  • Until the formation of a committee day-to-day running of the club will be managed by the founder
  • Decisions on the future of the club will be made by a vote of all club members. The majority for accepting a proposition will be 51% or more
  1. Annual General Meeting
  • A general meeting shall be held in March every year
  • Fully paid members will have the right to attend and vote on matters.
  • Minutes of the General meeting will be agreed and published to club members
  1. Finances 
  • As of 31/03/2021 the club does not hold a bank account as no funds are generated
  • In the even the club requires funds to be generated a Club account will be formed and accounts will be published yearly at the AGM for all members toi view
  1. Membership Fees
  • 2021/22 Membership fees are as follows:
    • Full member – £0.00 (zero)
    • Student Member – £0.00 (zero)
    • Unwaged – £0.00 (zero)
  • The award of student or unwaged membership and the associated fees can only occur where the proposed member issues evidence of their status
  • The membership period runs from the first of April and expires on the last day of March in the next calendar year.
  • Membership fees will not be refunded of charged pro-rata.
  1. Club Colours
  • Club colours will be Orange and White
  • Club kit will be agreed and available for purchase
  1. Changes to the constitution 
  • The constitution may only be changed by majority vote at the Annual General Meeting
  1. Dissolution
  • The club may be dissolved by a two-thirds majority vote at the Annual General Meeting or during an Extraordinary General Meeting
  • In the event of the the dissolution of the club all debts and liabilities will be settled and any remaining funds will be transferred to a charitable institution whose objects are similar to the club.

Published: 31/03/2021

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