Sunday Run

We currently meet every Sunday at Stanley Park in Blackpool.

Distance: 5k (or any distance you fancy!)
Time: 9:50am for a 10am Start
Location: Cocker Clock Tower, Stanley Park
Changing/ Showers: Blackpool Sports Center 

Running With Us

We would love to have you run with us! The fact that you think you might be too slow or even unable to complete the 5k doesn’t matter. Faster runners are asked to ‘loop back’ to make sure nobody is left behind.

You must be suitably dressed to run with us. That doesn’t mean you need to have the latest or most expensive gear – sensible running footwear and clothing will be fine.

If you are a quick runner – you are most welcome too. You can meet us and see who will match your pace, loop back or do your own thing.

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